DOW day 12:43 is on the verge to break down

SP500 15 min 12:05

15 min

DOW day 11:06

Day. 8 MA after cross should hold rallies

FTSE now in a bear market. 8 month MA has turned down for the first month

Month  Oct 1,2014 at 10:27

FTSE 10:16


2 hr Breaking on downside is possible and very bad for the trend

All things considered . A steep drop is in the cards during October. WARNING

All indexes are close to fall during October. As an example look at SWED month below. The monthly 8 MA is moving very slightly on upside. Now trading 1.398. A price below 1368.7 will turn this MA down. Only 30 points below current level. The daily trend will most likely get a cross on downside Thursday, Friday or Monday. If holding below 368 a sudden big drop can occur with first target the rising 21 MA.

SWED month

My view is that all indexes will move together on up or downside from now. Since the US indexes have clear difficulties to hold up - SP500 will not take back 989 so far - this month could be like October 1987, the worst case scenario. This will be the most interesting month of 2014 so far

SWED 09:17

Day. Expecting cross on downside maybe Friday

2 hr 50 MA will turn down at 10:00

5 min