NAS day 16:18. How to find the exact top to go short. If you look at a bar chart you have difficulties to see the top but if you look at the line chart you see it clearly. It is the bottom of the first daily wave on down side, which is very difficult to get above. The charts always find a technical point for reversal or bottom. The computers are programmed for these points. As soon as you learn all the R and S points in a chart you can do day trading

Day bar. See the R line at the top now. Why just turn down here. Go to the line chart below to find out.

Day line. As I have said it was the bottom of the first wave on close a very, very strong resistance.

SP500 2 hr 16;01. The 8 MA has turned down and is now a R point.

2 hr

SP500 2 hr 15:55. Takes a new high and than drops to take new daily low. Typically computer trading.

2 hr

SP500 new high 888.04

2 hr

NEWS 14:30, Durable Goods and Jobless claims, can move markets

SP500 2 hr new high 887.54

SP500 1 min 10:43